Passive Voice  Interrogative Sentence

How to make Passive Voice  Interrogative Sentence 

Kinds of Interrogative sentence

1. Wh- question – What,When ,Who,Where, whose ,How

2. Yes /No question – Helping verbs – do ,does,did ,is, am ,are ,was,has, have had,has been,have been, had been ,

will,shall,can,could,may,might,must, should,would etc- Modal verb 


1. Wh question – 

Passive voice – Wh + Helping verb + Object + V3 +by + Subject

Who – By whom 

1.Who writes this letter?

P-By whom is this letter written?

2.What do you eat mango?

P- What is mango eaten by you?

3.What are you doing this morning?

P- What is this morning  being done by you?

4.When did you do this work?

P-When was this work done by you?

5.Who can do this work?

P- By whom can this work be done ?


2. Yes/ No question – 

Passive voice – Helping verb + Object+ V3 + by subject.

1.Does Sima write this  story?

P- Is this story written by Sima ?

2.Did Rohit boy the toy ?

P- Was the toy bought by Rohit?

3.Do you speak english in the class?

P- Is english spoken in the class by you.?

4.Has Rohit invited you ?

P- Have you been invited by Rohit?

5.Had Monu done this work?

P- Had this work been done by Monu?

Modal verb – will, can ,could, should. …

Passive voice – Modal verbs+ object+ be + V3 + by subject 

1.Can you do this work? 

P- Can this work be done by you?

 2.Should the Doctor examine him ?

P- Should  he be examined by the Doctor ?

3.Must we send the book?

P- Must the book be sent by us ?

4.Will they sell the house  ?

P- Will the house be sold by them ?


Basic Active & Passive Voice 

Passive Voice rule – Present Tense 

Passive Rules-

1. Object + is/am /are + V3+ by + Subject 

Ram kills a tiger 

P – A tiger is killed by Ram.

2.Object+ is/am/are+ being +V3+ by+ Subject 

Ram is killing a tiger.

P- A tiger is being killed by Ram.


3.Object + has/have + been +V3+by + Subject 

Ram has killed a tiger.

P- A tiger has been killed by Ram.


Passive Voice rule – Past Tense 

1. Object + was /were+ V3+ by + subject 

Ram killed a tiger.

P- A tiger was killed by Ram .

2.Object + was/were +being +V3+by+Subject 

Ram was killing a tiger.

P- A tiger was being killed by Ram .

3.Object+had been+V3+ by + subject 

Ram had killed a tiger.

P- A tiger had been killed by Ram.


 Passive voice rule – Future Tense 

1. Object + Will/ shall+ be + V3+ by + Subject 

Ram will kill a tiger.

P- A tiger will be killed by Ram.

2.Object  + shall have /will have +been + V3 + by+  subject 

Ram will have killed a tiger.

P- A tiger will have been killed by Ram 

Note  I – me 

           You- You 

           They – them 

            He – him 

            She – her 

            Name – Name 

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