Mahatma Gandhi movement

Let’s know about this post-Mahatma Gandhi struggle and movement

Gandhi birth2 Oct 1869          Died -30 Jan 1948

  • 1891-Being  Barrister Came to India

  • 1887  -For barrister education went to England

  • 1893-went to South Africa,22 years spent in South Africa

  • 1915- Gandhi returned to India from South Africa

  • 1916-Established Sabarmati ashram

  • 1920 –Non-cooperation movement

  • 1922-Chori Choura assassination ( Gorakhpur) UP, End of non-cooperation Mov.

  • 1927-Siman commission appointed

  • 1928-Siman commission in India, hertals

  • 1929-Poorna Swaraj resolution

  • 1930-Dandi march, civil disobedience movement  law 
  • Mahatama gandhi movement

  • 1934-Civil disobedience movement withdrawn

  • 1935-Govt.of India act

  • 1937-Provincial congress ministers form

  • 1939-Second world war begins, congress ministers region

  • 1940-Pakistan resolution adopted by Muslim league

  • 1942-Quit India movement

  • 1945-End of second world war

  • 1946-Cabinet mission 24 march

  • 1947-Independence and partition of India

  • 1948-Gandhi assassinated (30 January)

  • Moderate phase -1885-1905

  • Extremist phase-1905-1918

  • Gandhian phase-1919-1939
  • IN INDIA 2 October celebrate as nonviolence day in birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

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