•      1. Present tense       2.Past tense      3. Future tense       
  •     A. Indefinite   
  •     B. Continuous 
  •     C. Perfect   
  •     D.Perfect continuous


Sentences 5 types

  1. Assertive sentence

Positive –I go.

Negative –I do not go.


  1. Interrogative sentence

Wh-question –Where do you go?

What are you doing?

How do you do?

 Yes/no- question – Do you know?

                                   Yes, I know.

                                   No, I don’t know.


     3. Imperative sentence –Let me go.

                                                 Let him go.

                                                 Let us go.       


  1. Optative sentence –May you live long.

                                    Wish you a happy new year.


  1. Exclamatory sentence

Alas! He died.

Hurrah! we won the match.

Oh ! what an accident.

What! a sight.


  • 1.A Present indefinite  (S+V1/V5+O+…)

I go.

I don’t go.

Why do you go?

Do I go?

Does she /he go?

He/she doesn’t go


  • B. Present continuous  (S+ IS/ AM /ARE+V4+O+…)

I am going.

I am not going.

Are you going?

Where are you going?


  • C.Present perfect   (S+HAS/HAVE+V3+O..)

I have gone.

I have not gone.

Why have you gone?

Have you gone?


  • D.Present Perfect continuous  (S+HAS BEEN/HAVE BEEN+V4 + SINCE/FOR+TIME..+O)

I have been reading for five years.

I have been reading since 2019.

I have not been reading.

What have you been reading?

Have you been reading since 2019?


  • 2.A Past indefinite   (S+V2 +O+…)

I went yesterday.

I did not go yesterday.

Did you go yesterday?

Where did you go?


  • B.Past continuous (S+ WAS/WERE+V4+O+…)

I was going.

I was not going.

Was I going?

Where was he going?


  • C.Past perfect   (S+ HAD +V3+O+…)

I had gone to the market.

I had not gone to the market.

Had you gone to market?

Where had you gone?


  • D.Past perfect continuous   (S+HAD BEEN+V4+ SINCE/FOR+TIME+O+…)

I had been going.

I had not been going.

We had been learning English for 3 years.

we had been learning English since 2018.

Had you been going?

Where had you been going?


  • 3.A Future indefinite (S+ SHALL/WILL+ V1 + O+..) ( I, WE- SHALL)

I’ll write a story.

I‘ll not write a story.

Will you write a story?

Who will you write a story?


  • B.Future continuous  (S+SHALL BE/WILL BE+V4+O+…)

I’ ll be writing a story.

I’ll not be writing a story.

Will you be writing a story?

What will you be writing a story?


  • C.Future perfect (S+ SHALL HAVE / WILL HAVE +V3+ O+…)

I’ll have written a story.

I’ll not have written a story.

Will you have written a story?

What will you have written a story?


  • D.Future perfect continuous   (S+SHALL HAVE BEEN /WILL HAVE BEEN+V4+SINCE/FOR+ TIME+ O..)

I’ll have been writing a story.

I’ll have not been writing a story.

Will you have not been writing a story?

What will you have been writing a story?

Since –point of time eg- since Monday

              Since morning, since evening, since 2019

For–    for five days, for five years, for many years.

Third-person singular subject (he.she it, name ) –does,  has,  has been, s/es,      ( reads, goes)

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