Patient History/Complaint Before C T scanning

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When the patient is in the C T  scanning, always take a history /complaint about the patient,

in which reason want to scan, is necessary for radiographers & also fill the consent form.

Headache- सरदर्द 

Neck pain-गर्दन दर्द 

Weakness of limbs UL (upper /lower  )  (कोई साइड शरीर का काम  नहीं करना )

Difficulty on walking-चलने में  परेशानी  होना 

Giddiness/Dizziness /Vertigo – चक्कर  आना 

Seizure/Convulsion-अकडन आना 

Vomiting- उल्टी आना 

Nausea- उल्टी जैसा लगना ( जी मिचलाना )


Pregnancy history must take before taking x-ray,C T scanning (If need, proper protection from Lead aprone )


Weakness- कमजोरी 


Palpitation –physical condition in which your heart beats very quickly and irregularly.

Back pain- कमर दर्द 

Restlessness- बैचेन 

Breathlessness-साँस लेने में दिक्कत होना 

Edema –an accumulation of an excessive amount of watery fluid in cells.

Cough – खाँसी 

Fever- बुखार आना 


Hemoptysis –coughing up blood from the respiratory tract

Melaena- blood appear in stool

Piles- बाबासीर 

Burning sensation( जलन महसूस होना )

Patient History/Complaint before C T scanning

Tingling sensation- झन्झनाहट    होना 

Abdominal pain- पेट दर्द 

constipation -कब्ज होना 


Stroke (Brain hemorrhage )

Heart attack- Dil ka dawra padna

Breathing problem -(साँस लेने में दिक्कत )

Chest pain-छाती मे दर्द

Hypertension  (B.P.)

T.B.- Tuberculosis 

Aids/HIV –


Psychiatric – related to mental illness

Diabetics- मधुमेह

Jaundice- पिलीया

Twitching of eyes-आँखें फडफडाना

Drooping of eyelids- आंख की पुतली गिरना 

Renal stone –kidney stone

Gall stone-पीत की पत्थरी


Crawling sensation (आवाज आने जैसा महसूस होना )

Allergic of egg, milk, food, sulfa drugs, penicillin

Trauma -चोट आदि

Head injury due to RTA (road traffic accident )

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