How to Understand Removal of “Too”

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“Too” change into so,     ”  To” change into that   + pronoun +can’t/couldn’t+v1+object 

Q-Ram is too weak to walk. 

A-Ram is so weak that he can’t walk.

Q-Tea is too hot to take.

A-Tea is so hot that we can’t take it.

Q-she is too tall to get into the room.

A-she is so tall that she can’t get into the room.

Q-He is too tired to do that work. 

A-He is so tired that he can’t do that work.

Q-He is too proud to beg.

A-He is so proud that he can’t beg.

Q-He is too intelligent to solve the question.

A-He is so intelligent that he can’t solve the question.

Q-Vinay is too lazy to get up early.

A-Vinay is so lazy that he can’t get up early.

Q-He is too honest to accept a bribe.

A-He is so honest that he can’t accept a bribe.


Q-He was too weak to run.

A-He was so weak that he couldn’t run.

Q- The sight was too dreadful to be seen.

A-The sight was so dreadful that it could not be seen.

Q-He was too honest to accept a bribe.

A-He was so honest that he could not accept a bribe.



Q-Ram is too weak.

Comparative than +it is proper /was proper.

A-Ram is weaker than it is proper.

Q-He is too intelligent.

A-He is more intelligent than it is proper.

Q-Don’t make your self too cheap.

A-Don’t make yourself cheaper than it is proper.

Q-he was too confident.

A-He was more confident than it was proper.

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How to Understand Removal of "Too"

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