How many types of Joints 

How many types of Joints There are three types of Joints in humans

1. Fibrous Joints or Fixed joints or Immovable 

Fixed joints, also called immovable joints, are found where bones are not flexible. In such joints, bones have been fused together in such a way that they are fixed to that part, most commonly to create a structure.  example of a fixed joint is the skull, which is made up of a number of fused bones.

Other examples include the upper jaw, rib cage, backbone, and pelvic bone, etc.

How many types of Joints 

2. Cartilaginous joints or Slightly Movable joints

For example, the epiphyseal plates present at each end of the long bones is responsible for bone growth in children, the pubic symphysis. Other examples of cartilaginous types of joints include the spinal column and the ribcage.
How many types of Joints 



3. Synovial joints or Movable joints 

 are flexible, movable, can slide over one another, are rotatable, and so on. These joints are found in our shoulder joint, neck joint, and knee joint, …

How many types of Joints 









There are six types of Synovial joints –

Ball and Socket joints -Shoulder joint  Hip joint 

•2 Saddle joint – Thumb 

•3 Hinge joint – Ankle, Elbow, & Knee joint 

•4 Pivot joint – Neck joint 

•5 Condyloid joint –  Elbow & Wrist joint ,Carpals of Wrist 

•6 Gliding joint – Lower leg to the Ankle joint, Forearm to the Wrist joint. (All synovial joints link)

How many types of Joints 
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