TLD badge mainly a plastic cassettes and nickel-plated aluminium, containing 3 disc.1- metallic filter,2-plastic transparent, 3-open window. TLD-(THERMOLUMINESCENT DOSIMETER)

TLD is capable of using absorbed doses from about 1m rad to thousands of rads (accuracy +,-10%)

TLD badge is more accurate than film badge it consists  CaSo4 (calcium sulphate )with  Dy(dysprosium 0.05%), ratio – 3:1

CaSo4  also called thermoluminescent material, another most common type of TLD like calcium fluoride, lithium fluoride, beryllium oxide etc.

TLD-badges are radiation recording device which is sensitive to X-ray, Gama ray and  Beta radiation, (dose range 10 mR to10,000 mR) Badge service is conducted on a quarterly basis and they are sent to BARC  (Bhabha atomic research centre  Mumbai ) for dose evaluation.

Also, Ultra tech laboratory private limited Kumhari, Raipur (Chhattisgarh ) provide personnel monitoring service under the supervision of BRAC (Bhabha atomic research  centre Mumbai )

  • In 1975 BARC developed TLD badge system.
  • BARC is ested on 1954 in the name of Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabha(Birth on  30 Oct 1909-   Died on  24 Jan 1966)



  • Fast reading capabilities of radiation
  • For making patient exposures and making other exposure measurements.
  • Less given false reading due to environmental condition, such as heat, light, pressure.

Uses of TLD

  • TLD badges are used medical procedure as radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and all work in radiation-related research.
  • TLD badges hang inside the lead apron on chest position of a technician or  Profesnnel worker, Doctors who work on radiation-related area.

Proper use (PPE) personal protective equipment-

  • Good hygiene
  • Control of contamination
  • Proper uses of PPE (lead apron, gonad shield, lead glass, thyroid cap etc )

QuestionIn Fluoroscopy what can we use to measure the absorbed dose to the finger – Answer –TLD

  • Which material is used for radiation protection – lead
  • TLD Badge made of the material is CaSo4.
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