How to use Articles in sentence A, AN, THE

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Articles are members of a group of words called determiners, that used before nouns.

Except articles some other determiners like –my, your this, that, these those .some, any, etc.

Vowel and consonant do not letter but sentence.

  • Use- AN-
  • अ, आ, इ, ई, उ, ऊ,ए,ऐ,ओ,औ,- BEFORE VOWEL SOUND, AN USE

Ex-an hour, an honor, an honest man, an honorary job, an umbrella,

an ant,an M.P.,an M.A.,an N.C.C.officer, an X-ray machine,an F.I.R.,

an inkpot .an ice cream ,an aeroplane,

Like-Mr Sinha is an M.P.

They filed an F.I.R.


  • क ——————————-ज्ञ- BEFORE CONSONANT SOUND, Use- A

EX-A union, a uniform, a university a ewe, a useful book, a European, ( यू )

a U.K. plane, a U.S.S.R ship, a U.N.spokesman, a unique thing, a youth( यू )

a one-eyed Giant, a one lagged man, ( व ), a boy, a girl, etc

  • Use of The –

The       द     consonant रहे तो (द sound )

The        दि      vowel रहे तो (दी sound )

The cow,      The  Aeroplane

There is a Doctor in Dhanbad.

The Doctor charges Rs500per patient.

There was king in Ayodhya.

The king had three queens.

  • Use of article The

1. Proper noun

2. Common noun

3. Material noun

4. Collective noun

5. Abstract noun

Common noun, collective noun- Use of article.

the teacher, the student, the class, the crowd, the bunch

Proper noun,  material noun, abstract noun –No use articles.

  • Note –जब किसी NOUN में QUALITY से तुलना किया जाता है तो THE का

प्रयोग सभी NOUN के साथ किया जाता हैं|

Proper noun

Ram is good boy.

You are the Ram at your family

Christ was great.

Gandhi jee is the Christ of India.

Material noun

Sugar is sweet.

The sugar of Ramlal is not sweet.

Coal is black.

The coal of Jharia is famous.

Abstract noun

Beauty is boon.

The beauty of Sita was well known.

Childhood is the best period of man life.

The childhood of Shastri jee was very hard.

1. Chain of mountain

2.River of historical, important region/place, community, club, port, party,  branches of government post, Armed forces.

3.Ocean, deserts, seven wonders.

4.Direction, newspapers, nationality word

  • Like-

The Himalaya, the Everest, the Ganga, the Yamuna, the British Museum, the Patna museum, the science city, the Hindu the Muslim the Sikhs the Christians, the rotary club, the united nations, the Congress, the BJP, the executive, the judiciary, the prime minister, the president, the chief minister, the army, the police, the navy, the air force, the Hind Mahasagar, the Sahara desert, the Taj Mahal, the North, theSouth the East, the West, the Hindustan Times, the economics times, the Indians, the English, the Chinese, the Europeans the Americans, the Russians.


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